Sunday, May 21, 2006


machu pichu ..............peru

few must have heard about it, few know its location.

fit to be one of the wonders of the world, Machu Pichu is located at a hieght of around 2300 m at a distance of 70kms from PERUVIAN capital of LIMA in South America.
it is a breath taking locale with a fairy tale vista. the sun rise at machu pichu is said to be undescribable.

machu pichu was the summer resort of the incas' . when the spanish conquisdators raided and destroyed the inca cities this alone survived becoz of its remote location. its located far in the hills and is a bit difficult to reach but the journey to the place is more than rewarding, there were some attempts to connect it by cable car but were later dropped.

All of the construction in Machu Picchu uses the classic Inca architectural style of polished dry-stone walls of regular shape. The Incas were masters of this technique, in which blocks of stone are cut to fit together tightly without mortar Many junctions are so perfect that not even a knife fits between the stones.

its also called - the lost city city of incas . it was found by a yale scholar Bingham .

how to reach machu pichu?

one can take a flight from the highest international airport- la paz in bolivia, or reach it via lima.
or a trek in the mountains will be interesting. there is a helicopter service available it seems but must be costly too.
some day machu pichu i will be there.


the strangest places on this earth

They say the world is shrinking, but its still a measure too big for homosapiens. there are wonderful palces here some i can go, some i can only dream of yet.

some are wonders created by mother nature for us to enjoy and some by our illustrious fore-fathers .........

lets explore !!

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